Media coverage of the Magna Park is Big Enough campaign

Leicester Mercury: 31st January 2017: Battle over Magna Park expansion plans move to High Court

Harborough Mail:  30th January 2017:  Magna Park plan set to end in High Court

Harborough Mail: 15th December 2016: locals-suffer-if-this-hub-grows

Leicester Mercury: 14th December 2106:  High Court Challenge on Magna Park plans.

Harborough Mail: 8th September 2016: Concerns over results from air quality survey in the Harborough District.

Leicester Mercury: 9th September 2016: Will plans to expand Magna Park increase pollution levels in Leicestershire?

Harborough Mail: 21st July 2016:  Magna Park expansion approved once again

Hinckley Times: 20th July 2016:  Magna Park parcel hub plans approved

Leicester Mercury: 19th July 2016:  HDC threatened with legal action over Magna Park

Central TV:  14th July 2016:  Plans approved to expand business park

Leicester Mercury:  14th July 2016:  Magna Park application approved creating 1,200 jobs

Harborough Mail: 14th July 2016: Photos from the meeting

Harborough Mail: 14th July 2016:  Controversial plan approved in heated meeting

Leicester Mercury: 14th July 2016: Controversial plan to expand Magna Park approved

Hinckley Times:  13th July 2016:  Parcel hub plans for Magna Park revisited

Harborough Mail: 7th July 2016:  Let’s get the decision right!

Hinckley Times: 9th June 2016: Medieval Village halts Magna Park expansion

Leicester Mercury: 6th June 2016: Controversial Plan to create 1,000 jobs at Magna Park to be reconsidered because of Medieval Village

Harborough Mail: 6th June 2016: Council to reconsider Magna Park warehouse plan

Harborough Mail: 10th December 2015. Excellent letter outlining objections to expanding Magna Park