Magna Park North


On Tuesday 26th March an Inspector will start to hear Gazeley’s appeal against the rejection of their planning application 15/01531/OUT.  The appeal will take place at the Symington Building in Market Harborough and will probably take 8 days.  There will be two sessions each day, 10 to 1 and 2 to 5.  MPisBE would like to encourage people to attend the hearing – just a couple of hours or one of the sessions in the first week would be great.  We know that decision makers are influenced by public interest in the issue being discussed so please come along and bring a friend.

Planning application 15/01531/OUT was rejected by HDC on 10th January 2018.

Gazeley announced on Monday 2nd July that they will appeal against this decision.

The appeal will be heard at a public inquiry in the week beginning 25th March 2019.

The Inspector will have access to all the papers from the original planning application, including all the public objections to the application.

Gazeley have submitted a Statement of Case which can be read here.


IDI Gazeley reference: 15/01531/OUT  

Hybrid Application – Zone 1 land at Mere Lane, Bittesby and Zone 2 land adj. ASDA George Headquarters)

The total site area is 590.33 acres.

Zone 1 Mere Lane, Bittesby

  • 573 acres –  Zone 2 6.73 ha (16.62 acres)
  • up to 4,585,890 sq ft of warehousing
  • up to 39,830 sq ft for a Logistics Institute of Technology
  • up to 10,000 sq ft small business space
  • creation of a country park, creation of roundabouts and realignment of the A5 etc

Zone 2 the former Stobart application site (adjacent to George)

  • 62 acres
  • 140 space HGV parking facility
  • HGV training centre,wash and fuelling facilities,
  • Rail Freight Shuttle Terminal

42 times as big as Fosse Park Shopping Centre