Magna Park/DHL

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Magna Park – DHL warehouse ref:  15/00919/FUL

This planning application was first agreed by the HDC planning committee on Thursday 28th January.  However following legal advice HDC decided to reconsider the application at a further meeting to be held on Wednesday 13th July at 6.30pm at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground and Aerodrome.  Sadly the planning committee once again agreed to this application – though by a very narrow margin of 6-5.

In early December dbSymmetry asked for a judicial review of the HDC decision to give the go ahead to the DHL warehouse.  dbSymmetry claim that HDC did not give enough consideration to the impact that the DHL warehouse would have on the Bittesby Deserted Medieval Village.  The court agreed that there was a need for a review and this was to be heard in the High Court in May/June.  However we have recently learnt that the Judicial Review has been withdrawn.  To do this all parties had to agree – that is dbSymmetry, IDI Gazely and Harborough District Council.  Very disappointing.

We now need to increase our efforts to make sure that the next two planning applications are rejected.

To demonstrate your objection go to:

Symmetry Park (15/00865/OUT)

Magna Park “North” (15/01531/OUT)