Magna Park is Big Enough

Local Plan Update

On Monday 18th September HDC agreed to put the Local Plan 2011-2031 out to consultation.

The plan states that up to 700,000 sq mts of warehousing will be added to Magna Park.

Coincidentally this is the total space required by IDI Gazeley and dbSymmetry for their 2 outstanding planning applications.

What can I do?

You can respond to the content of the Local Plan through the consultation process.  

Click here for more details on how to respond to the Local Plan 2011-2031

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Magna Park is Big Enough

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Magna Park is Big Enough is an umbrella group for local people who want to challenge the need to expand Magna Park.  We believe that any further expansion would have a detrimental effect on our lives and the local environment and bring little or no benefit to the local area.

There are three planning applications to expand the distribution site at Magna Park.

  1. Magna Park/DHL (15/00919/FUL)
  2. Magna Park “North” (15/01531/OUT)
  3. Symmetry Park (15/00865/OUT)

The proposed developments are set to nearly triple the current size of Magna Park placing up to 8 million square feet on South Leicestershire countryside.  The area of farmland that will be covered by the expansion is the equivalent of 63 Fosse Park Shopping centres.

On the 13th July 2017 Magna Park/DHL was given approval  by Harborough District Council’s Planning Committee.  This was the second time the Planning Committee had considered the application and this time it was approved by only one vote.  At the end of October the final approval was given to this planning application but in early December dbSymmetry, the developers of Symmetry Park (15/00865/OUT) requested a judicial review of HDC’s decision to grant permission.  The courts agreed that there was a need for a Judicial Review but before the review could take place it was withdrawn.  We do not know the reasons for the withdrawal but IDI Gazeley, Harborough District Council and dbSymmetry all had to agree before it could be withdrawn.  This means that work can now start on the DHL warehouse along Mere Lane.

The DHL warehouse site will be larger than 4 Fosse Park Shopping Centres.

The next Magna Park planning application (Magna Park “North” 15/01531/OUT) will be the equivalent in size to 42 Fosse Park Shopping Centres.

The dbSymmetry planning application (Symmetry Park 15/00865/OUT) is to build a site equivalent to 17 Fosse Park Shopping Centres.

That would make 63 Fosse Park Shopping Centres – making the whole Magna Park area the biggest distribution site in the world.

The next two planning applications will be heard together by the Planning Committee probably in November 2017.

PLEASE put in your objections NOW.

Magna Park “North” 15/01531/OUT

Symmetry Park 15/00865/OUT