Local Plan Update


The Inspector who is examining the HDC Local Plan 2011-2031 has rejected the proposal to to include 700,000 sq mts of development.  He stated that the only evidence for the 700,000 sq mts was 3 planning applications.  He has therefore asked HDC to provide evidence of the need for the 700,000 sq mts.  Click here for more information.

Bad news


Yesterday we received two unwanted pieces of information.  Firstly the Secretary of State has given dbSymmetry the go ahead to develop Symmetry Park, south of the current Magna Park.  (15/00865/OUT).  Secondly Gazeley announced that they will be appealing against HDC’s rejection of their planning application to expand the current Magna Park.  (15/01531/OUT).  Very disappointing on both counts but probably what we expected.  We will publish further information when we have it.

June 2018 Update

Gazeley are back again.  It has been reported in the Leicester Mercury that Gazeley have the backing of the government to open a college at Magna Park where 1,000 students would be trained for the logistics industry.

It is safe to assume that this would only go ahead if Gazeley get a further planning permission to expand at Magna Park.

Watch this space.

For more information click here

May 2018 Update


Publicly things have gone very quiet on the Magna Park front, though I am sure that there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

Currently the three planning applications stand like this:

Magna Park/DHL:   15/00919/FUL:   Agreed on 13thJuly 2016            

Gazeley are currently working to fulfil the conditions applied before starting building.

Symmetry Park:   15/00865/OUT:   Agreed on 23rdNovember 2017.

This application was called in to the Secretary of State and is awaiting a decision about whether the SoS should reconsider the application.

Magna Park Hybrid:   15/01531/OUT:   Rejected on 10thJanuary 2018.

Gazeley are currently considering whether to appeal and/or put in a new application.

HDC Local Plan

The HDC Local Plan 2011-2031 was submitted to the Secretary of State on 16thMarch 2018. An inspector has been allocated to examine the Local Plan and this process is expected to take place in September/October.  You will remember that the Local Plan proposed that an additional 700,000 sq mts of warehousing could be built at Magna Park.

To learn more about the Local Plan process click on the following links:



As soon as we have any further news we will let you know.

Local Plan agreed

mpisbe HDC logo

On Monday 5th March 2018 HDC agreed the Local Plan 2011-2031 and it will now be submitted to the Inspectors for approval.  Despite many objections the Local Plan 2011-2031 still includes further development at Magna Park up to 700,000 sq mts.  This figure coincides exactly with the area of land covered by the two outstanding planning applications from Gazeley and dbSymmetry.  The next step is to make the Inspector aware of the concerns of residents at the public hearing, probably in June 2018.

They say We say

The Magna Park is Big Enough campaign has sent a booklet entitled “What they say, What we say” to all councillors explaining why councillors will not be complying with legislation and their own policies if they accept further plans to expand Magna Park.  You can view this booklet here

NEW DATE – 10th January – Full Council meeting

The new date for the postponed Council meeting is Wednesday 10th January.  All the arrangements are the same as for the postponed meeting on 11th December.

The planning application (15/01531/OUT) to expand Magna Park along the A5 and up towards Ullesthorpe and the Claybrookes has been “called in” to full council.  This means that the planning approval given on 23rd November has been withheld and the decision whether to approve or not will now be made by the full council at 6.30pm on Wednesday 10th January.  We need to grab this opportunity with both hands so please come along at 6pm to Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome to demonstrate your opposition to any further expansion of Magna Park.  More information here