On Tuesday 26th March an Inspector will start to hear Gazeley’s appeal against the rejection of their planning application 15/01531/OUT.  The appeal will take place at the Symington Building in Market Harborough and will probably take 8 days.  There will be two sessions each day, 10 to 1 and 2 to 5.  MPisBE would like to encourage people to attend the hearing – just a couple of hours or one of the sessions in the first week would be great.  We know that decision makers are influenced by public interest in the issue being discussed so please come along and bring a friend.

Act Now – Local Plan

The modifications to the Local Plan are now open to public consultation.  Please click here for more information on how to write to HDC objecting to the plan for further expansion at Magna Park.  THIS IS URGENT.  PLEASE WRITE BEFORE NOON ON TUESDAY 26TH FEBRUARY.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Local Plan Consultation

HDC have published their proposed modifications to the Local Plan and have opened a public consultation which will last 6 weeks, ending on Tuesday 28th February.  MPisBE will be reviewing the modifications and will share possible objections as soon as possible.  For more information click   here

Local Plan amended

On Tuesday 18th December HDC agreed to an amendment to the draft Local Plan 2011-2031 which will allocate 700,000 sq mts of warehouse space at Magna Park.  In reality this will give allow Gazeley to go ahead with their massive expansion along Mere Lane and the A5 – alongside the current development on Mere Lane.  The Local Plan now has to be seen by the Inspector again for him to decide whether the Local Plan is sound.  This further inspection will probably take place in mid January 2019.  We will of course be making representations to the Inspector as we believe the evidence does not support the need for such a large development.

Local Plan Update

On Tuesday 13th November the Executive of HDC considered a proposal for amending Policy BE2 which would allow further expansion at Magna Park.  The Local Plan Inspector had stated that the originally Policy BE2 was not soundly prepared and that more work needed to be done to prove the need for any further development.  Although some changes have been made to the policy there was no additional appropriate evidence provided which showed the need for the development and the impact on the local communities.  The amended Local Plan will now go to full Council on Monday 26th November for approval.  There will then be a public consultation and the revised plan will go back to the Inspector for his comments.  Click here for more details.