Next Planning Committee

It has been announced that the next two planning applications, Symmetry Park (15/00865/OUT) and Magna Park North (15/01531/OUT), will be heard in one meeting.This meeting is expected to be take place at the end of 2017, though the exact timing still has to be announced.  Make sure you have put in your objection to both of these planning applications.  The date of the meeting will be published on this site as soon as it is announced.

Planning Committee Decision

mpisbe protest 28 jan

On Thursday 28th January the HDC Planning Committee agreed to the first of the three planning applications which will see a massive expansion at Magna Park.  This application, 15/00919/FUL, was  for a single warehouse for DHL on Mere Lane, Bittesby.  Over 350 local residents attended the planning committee meeting although many were turned away because of a lack of space in the meeting room.  The meeting was very disappointing as the issues were not fully discussed and many questions remained unanswered.